Time Change Nordics – Sweden

Who are we?

We are Time Change Nordics!

We are an essential part of the Time Change Network, located in the heart of Copenhagen and looking after the big three in the Nordics – Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

Local, however intricately interconnected and meshed within our strong network, our passionate and experienced local heroes are ready to listen, understand and exceed expectations in each of our destinations.

Offering top-notch and reliable services for our clients is part of our DNA. We ensure that you work with the best-in-class resources at the best price for each project, saving valuable time and resources. The best way to look at us is as your boosted DMC partner, fully mature for the 21st century.

We have years of experience in organizing everything from small incentives to large conferences, handling incoming cruise guests and shore excursions and improving events with our own software TC-Tool which can be used for invitations, registration, ticketing, payment, analysis and much more.

We have the practical, creative and sustainable solutions to organize a tailor-made and memorable experience, be it a meeting, incentive, conference, event, or whatever floats your boat. You name it and we are on it!

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Website: www.time-change.com

Lena Lantenhammer

Venice of the North

Stockholm is, in many ways, a microcosm of how wider Scandinavia is perceived by the rest of the world: both stylishly cosmopolitan and charmingly eccentric. Located on a beautiful archipelago of islands at the westernmost edges of the Baltic Sea, the Swedish capital is filled with medieval buildings, slick galleries, great bars, chic boutiques, and dazzling contemporary architecture. If you search for a destination where you can combine nature, city life and meeting & conference facilities, then Stockholm is the perfect destination.

Island Hopping

Just a few minutes away from the city of Stockholm, the archipelago begins. With nearly 30,000 islands, islets and rocks – from Öregrund in the north to Landsort in the south – each with its own character. Rugged nature blends with wooded islands, rocky cliffs, and sandy beaches. Explore with your private boat uninhabited islets as well as islands with new communities and ancient villages, where large houses and small cottages stand side by side. The possibility of activities, as well as transport, has no end when it comes to the Swedish archipelago.

Land of ABBA

Even though ABBA split up 30 years ago, the legend lives on and on and on… as it should in Stockholm. In ABBA The museum, you can discover the history of ABBA, sing or dance with holograms of ABBA. If you would like to discover the city centre but at the same time feel the abba vibes, then the guided ABBA walk will make you happy. In case you are searching for some entertainment, which will make everybody dance, then the band “the visitors” is giving you the real ABBA tunes.

Swedish Winter Wonderland

Swedish Lapland is the rolling hills and the roaring rivers. The vast woodlands and rural romance. But foremost, from the mountains to the sea, it is the perfect place to get on a new adventure in every aspect from accommodation to activities & dinners in nature.

A hotel build year after year out of ice or a hotel build in the treetops Swedish Lapland guarantees you innovation & the roots to nature. While you can try different winter activities like dog sledding or having a typical lunch in a Sami village during the day, you can discover the northern lights after a dinner in nature. If you search for a destination where you can get out of your daily life, then Swedish Lapland is definitely the right one.