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Who are we?

We are Time Change Nordics!

We are an essential part of the Time Change Network, located in the heart of Copenhagen and looking after the big three in the Nordics – Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

Local, however intricately interconnected and meshed within our strong network, our passionate and experienced local heroes are ready to listen, understand and exceed expectations in each of our destinations.

Offering top-notch and reliable services for our clients is part of our DNA. We ensure that you work with the best-in-class resources at the best price for each project, saving valuable time and resources. The best way to look at us is as your boosted DMC partner, fully mature for the 21st century.

We have years of experience in organizing everything from small incentives to large conferences, handling incoming cruise guests and shore excursions and improving events with our own software TC-Tool which can be used for invitations, registration, ticketing, payment, analysis and much more.

We have the practical, creative and sustainable solutions to organize a tailor-made and memorable experience, be it a meeting, incentive, conference, event, or whatever floats your boat. You name it and we are on it!

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Lena Lantenhammer

Nature meets design

Surrounded by mountains and sea, Oslo, the cultured and fun city has the perfect combination of inner-city activities as well as the discovery of its surroundings. The city is full of historic sites, museums, parks, the favourite ski jump “Holmenkollen”, the opera where you can hike on the roof & a variety of restaurants serving the best Scandinavian seafood. The area surrounding the capital of Norway is signature by the beginning of the Norway fjords, which calls for fishing trips, lunch cruises, sailing or kayaking. In winter instead, it is famous for outdoor activities like ice skating, snowshoe hiking, and skiing.

Nature in a nutshell

For visitors from all over the globe, the Norwegian fjords are some of the most spectacular sights of nature making them one of the main attractions when exploring beautiful Norway. These legendary sights can be reached on this tour designed to give you the unique chance of submerging yourself into the beauty of Norway’s nature and most breath-taking scenery. An unmissable trip where you will get to experience the scenic Bergen Railway, the extraordinary Flåm Railway and a journey to the fjord cities Bergen, Flåm & Stavanger. A true treat to the eye, mind and soul!

Green Revolution

The magical nature and the Norwegian population are bond into one. Norwegians pay lot of attention and dedicate many efforts to preserve and conserve their heritage. Therefore, sustainability in Norway is tackled holistically, and the country has become the undisputed leader in the fight against CO2 emissions.

Almost 60% of new cars sold in Norway during March 2019 were entirely electric powered which makes Norway rank top 1 in the world in number of circulating electric vehicles. The country plans to stop the sale of fossil fuelled cars by 2025.

While travelling in Norway you will experience the green way of doing things at every levels. Restaurants are mostly using organic and local products in their seasonal menus. Hotel chains implement concrete measures to control electricity and water consumption, waste generation and recycling. The white part of the country is going green too, investing on E-Snowmobiles for their winter activities.

Hidden Gem

Few places on the planet cause as much curiosity and awe as wild Svalbard, a hidden gem in the arctic circle, house of unspoiled areas, old mining towns and Longyearbyen, the northernmost settlement of any kind.

A place where the ordinary becomes the extraordinary and activities such as meeting for lunch under the dancing northern lights in the winter or meeting up for a drink under the midnight sun in the summer, same as weekend trips by snowmobile in the remote arctic wilderness, are enjoyed as much by locals as they are by visitors.

Feel on top of the world in this territory, where unique opportunities to coexist with true wilderness arise as you enter the realm of the polar bear -being that there are more polar bears than humans-, share roads with the Svalbard reindeers or see whales swimming in the fjord from your window; a place where you as a guest, learn the true meaning of respect for this area’s majestic nature and fauna.