The DMC South Africa – South Africa

The DMC SA is a new, rebranded business that evolved out of the old Winners Inbound company. Winners is a business that focused on incoming MICE business into Southern Africa as well as outbound Incentives and meetings from corporate South Africa to global destinations.

Lockdown allowed us to redefine who we are and create a leaner, more focused Destination Management Curators that is designed to be the market leader in MICE for the Southern African region. We do things better, with more creativity, through technology & innovation, within budget, and with the best team available in the country.

The rebrand has also allowed us to be more selective on what business we take on and focus on bigger events, conferences, and incentives in our market. Our cost structure and the one we will carry forward into a post-COVID world will be lean, super-efficient, and profitable.

TravelHouse Africa, the high-end individual travel branch of The DMC SA, was born out of love for personal travel experiences. William (Billy) Hare & Ingo Brüggemann (whose nickname is “Giraffe”) wanted the company to reflect what they believe in: Curating tailormade holidays is incredibly personal, individual, and unique to each and every client. The success of your trip of a lifetime depends on the people behind the brand.

If you want to get lost in Africa, escape the ordinary for the extraordinary, overload all your 5 senses, and see things that you never dreamed of, we are your gateway!

Time to start YOUR journey and awaken your 6th sense… AFRICA…


Andrea Wiid

South Africa

South Africa is not just a place where we can say ‘Welcome’ in 11 Official languages but also a place where the welcome is warm as the sun melts into the sea. Vibrant. Alive. Filled with culture and zest. Where you’ll find star-studded nights and bright city lights. World-renowned wines and mouthwatering cuisines. Awe-inspiring iconic Table Mountain that guards over Cape Town.

We look forward to saying a warm welcome, welkom, ukuemukela, ukwankelo to our home.

Cape Town

Practically bowls visitors over with its abundance of natural splendor, exotic wildlife, cosmopolitan flair, and friendly faces. There are hundreds of reasons to come to Cape Town and once you’ve gotten yourself here, you’ll discover millions more. Cape Town has many nicknames… However, it is fondly known as THE MOTHER CITY we as locals, feel like Cape Town gave birth to Africa…

Kwa Zulu-Natal

Discover South Africa’s hidden gems…Beautiful people and beautiful places. From majestic rivers to sun-soaked beaches. Afro-Indian culture. Take in a Zulu experience to learn more about the culture of South Africa’s largest ethnic group (some 10 million Zulus live here). You even get to meet the big 5 here…

Southern Africa

How often can you say that in one trip you could explore and experience four countries in a blink of an eye? Southern Africa is your gateway. Rhythm. Taste. Culture. Landscapes. This is what will evoke your 6th sense: Africa… Discover Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana and even Mozambique.