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Optimum is one of the leading and soundly specialized Destination & Events Management Companies in Greece.

Since our company’s inception in 1999, we have been proudly delivering innovative, refined, and cutting edge events to our international clientele, both throughout the mainland and the Greek Islands. Our passion for quality, attention to detail, obsession for satisfaction, and dedication to commitment, will Optimize your event in ways that surpass all expectations.

With a wealth of experience in the hospitality and events industry under our belt, and armed with an unparalleled knowledge of venues and locations in Greece, our multicultural, multilingual, dynamic, and diverse team guarantees to deliver truly unforgettable moments.

A team of unified professionals hailing from Greece, Cyprus, France, South Africa, and Italy, fluently speak, English, French, Italian, Greek and Polish; reflecting and remarking our global reach.

At Optimum, we believe that the recipe for success begins by carefully listening to you, and your needs. A dedicated events executive is assigned to each and every project, ensuring continuous involvement from conception, to optimal delivery.

Staying connected to you – our client – is a trademark associated with Optimum’s philosophy. A trademark that ensures your event becomes exactly what it should be: Yours.

At our core we are fueled by our vision and solid belief in customer loyalty. Our unyielding dedication to excellence,paired with our undeniable level of service are vital attributes to our success which are never compromised. The result: a large portfolio of devoted, repeat customers from around the globe, coming back for our bespoke and personalized service, year after year.

Whether you plan an Incentive, Conference, Meeting, Car or Product Launch, Corporate Party or Sports Event, we are here to ensure every detail is looked after and nothing is left to chance… Greece, the epitome of contrasts, beating in harmony.

A country so naturally blessed, unspoiled yet diverse, boasting authentic raw and timeless beauty, filled with history and tradition. A land of legend and legacy, luxury and elegance, style and stamina. A people propped for celebration and happenings.

An Optimum Team, here to deliver your Optimal event experience.

Website: www.optimumgreece.com

George Kiayas


Athens is a vibrant city full of life and history. A city of contrasts, blending the old with the new. A city that has islands close by that can be visited in a day.

A long-lasting symbol of democracy, philosophy, culture and science. A cosmopolitan and inventive city, alive with the power of possibility day and night.

Athens does not live with its past.  The history is only a part of the equation. The numerous trendy and modern venues, the gastronomic options ranging from traditional taverns to Michelin star restaurants, the super modern beach front night clubs and the Athenian people offer every visitor a unique and memorable experience!


Crete is the largest island in Greece.  It forms the southern border of the Aegean Sea and marks the boundary between Europe and Africa.  Majestic mountains rise in its center while there are exciting contrasts between steep gorges and impressive beaches – a small utopia that will take a lifetime to fully discover.

Crete, with its clear warm sea, boundless beaches lined with tamarisks, splendid plateaus and mild starry nights has more to offer than its mythological and historical past.  Thriving and developing, its cities have changed appearance in contrast to the many picturesque villages where life carries on in the same rhythm as they have for centuries.

Some of the most luxurious and modern hotels in Europe, equipped with superb conference facilities, are located on the island which justify Crete being known as one of the most developed resorts suitable for all kinds of events. Whether your event is a meeting, a conference or an incentive, Crete is a unique destination to host it!


Mykonos is probably the most well known and most cosmopolitan of all Greek islands.  It is a mythical island, which enjoys a reputation as a meeting point for international connoisseurs, jet set, celebrities and creators of art, fashion, and style.

The capital Hora, with its colorful harbor in which little fishing boats happily nestle side by side with luxurious yachts, presents quite a different picture from most of the Aegean Islands’ towns. It conveys an impression of solid aesthetic cohesion.

Along the whitewashed streets stand brilliant white box-shaped houses with stepped walls, brightly colored wooden doors, windows, and balconies.  These are interspersed with small but impressive churches, little taverns and shops selling souvenirs and luxury goods and gives the overall sense of being inside a film set.

The countryside of Mykonos is a mixture of gray-green rocks ringed by prickly pear plants and little fertile areas carpeted with wildflowers.  Here and there are tiny, whitewashed chapels and windmills.  Sea lovers will find outstanding golden beaches and crystal-clear waters.

Mykonos is an island with all the amenities of a modern resort and plenty to do- by day or night- for those who wish to have a lively time. The island offers various outstanding hotel accommodation. It is located approximately 25 minutes by air from Athens and 2 hours by Sea Jet Catamaran, from Rafina port.

Costa Navarino

One of the most unspoiled and breathtaking seaside landscapes in the Mediterranean, this area and its people have been shaped by 4,500 years of history.  This is the backdrop for Costa Navarino.

Set amidst a pristine, still largely undiscovered corner of the southwest Peloponnese, this high-end destination respects and preserves the natural beauty and rich heritage of which it is an integral part.

Messinia’s cultural past unveils earliest history, shrouded in the mists of time, its cultural past reveals a rich tapestry of kings and queens, honor and tradition, war and friendships.  Costa Navarino provides the ideal base from which to explore its diverse past.  Classical temples, Byzantine churches, medieval castles and three UNESCO World heritage sites are all within easy reach.  Other fascinating sites within driving distance include the ancient city of Messini, the Palace of Nestor and the marvelously preserved medieval fortress town of Monemvasia.

Apart from the historical sites, Messinia is also blessed with a bounty of natural attractions, a pristine environment for relaxation and exploration while the mainland is a kaleidoscope of scraggy gorges, magical lakes, enchanting waterfalls, sprawling olive groves and vineyards as well as sandy beaches.