One Event – Czech Republic

One Event was founded in 2020 by a group of friends with years’ experience in the tourism and event industry in the Czech Republic

We create unique events and provide Destination Management Services with authentic experience, utilising our extensive knowledge and expertise. A profound insight in the local and International Corporate Event business was leading us after over 20 years of experience to pursue the creation of an efficient and flexible set-up that meets our clients’ expectations. We believe in our key values, a very personal approach, flexibility in our business models and the creation of a long-term partnership with our key customers.

Every event or Incentive trip is a venture and needs very special attention! Our staff is highly skilled in handling tailormade Incentive programs and in preparing logistics around big corporate events, using their local know-how and supplier´s database to make every moment unforgettable.

Located in the heart of Europe: Czech Republic , situated in the heart of Europe, easy reachable from majority of European countries even by car, bus or train! Prague airport has become a hub within Central Europe with over 70 airlines reaching out to over 160 destinations worldwide. Vienna International Airport is only a 45 min drive from the city center of Bratislava.

Safety first: The Czech Republic has been awarded the 8th safest destination in the world by the Global Peace Index in 2020!

Cultural heritage and modern vibes: Prague ranks constantly under the top 10 most beautiful capitals in the world and combines incomparably its cultural heritage (classified Unesco World Heritage) with the vibe of a modern city.


Bettina Baga-Freudenthaler

Urban venues

The Czech Republic offers a variety of modern venues that are the perfect set for a product launch, product training or any kind of company celebrations. One Event takes care to arrange the events from A to Z with much attention to every detail so nothing will be left to chance. Our extensive portfolio of local artists, suppliers for constructions, decoration adds to the success of every event with diversified programs and memorable moments. Our local AV partner guarantees state of the art technical solutions and creative ideas when it comes to stage design and AV production.

Prague revisited

We revisit well beaten tracks and wrap them up in a new dress. Here is an extract of our revisited programs for all who love to visit a city differently: Medieval astronomy and Johannes Kepler, The secrets of forbidden books and Prague libraries, Retro tour – back to communist times, Franz Kafka and the Metamorphosis applied to modern Prague, Modern glass design and its creators, Prague locomotion, E-bike tour off the beaten tracks…

Local experiences

Deep dive into Czech culture, traditions and lifestyle. We love to show the country and its people and organize for small groups tailormade tours around the countryside. During these tours we put an accent on local handicrafts, visiting ateliers, riding in vintage cars and buses, organize visits of production sites, visit outstanding and less known museums, organize meals with local families all combined with the luxury of a pleasant countryside hotel in the style of a manor house.

Classic Prague

Prague is one of the most visited capitals in the world with various attractions and highlights, but it is about the classic part of Prague that we try to put in front of all other in our offers. Classic Prague for us means to put in value the strong elements. It is not only the wonderful architecture, the rich music history and music background you can find in modern education, the long tradition of the 3rd eldest university in the world, the vast number of concert halls, jazz clubs and music halls, painters, sculptures and innovators, it is about the fact that every Prague inhabitant is an artist in itself!