Honeywell Events – Cyprus

Honeywell Events has been a leader in the MICE industry of Cyprus for more than 30 years!

As Honeywell Events, we believe that strong and honest relations are the key ingredients to creative and successful events for our international associates. This is why since 1990 when we organised our first MICE project we make sure to build, upgrade and update relations with the most reliant suppliers, the most creative professionals and the most vibrant communities in Cyprus.

These relationships allow us to promote the MICE product of Cyprus throughout the world with great confidence!

In a globalised market, where MICE travellers have unparalleled access to global destinations, we believe in the value of authentic and genuine experiences. We create conference and incentive programmes that will allow our visitors to indulge into the incomparable tastes, heritage and culture Cyprus.

Learn the art of traditional craftsmanship in local workshops along the stone-paved alleys of ancient villages, taste the exquisite wines of Cyprus in luxurious Grand Wineries, have a 5-star dinner within open-air archaeological parks and execute seamless meetings in high-end conference spaces!

All that with the expertise and support of a seasoned team of  professionals whose expertise expands from 30 years of experience in the field of MICE to the creation and operation of some of the largest and most successful repeating local events in the island!


Marina Varnava


Limassol is the perfect destination for those who want to combine 5-star luxury, modern vibes and authentic rural experiences. The city of Limassol is located 45 minutes away from the two international airports of Larnaca and Paphos. The last five years have been transformative for the city as three of the best resorts of the island have been launched there. Whether you are organising an incentive trip of the highest category, a demanding international meetings programme or a mega-conference, Limassol is the place to be!

The city consist of the most vibrant and international areas in the island, with the best restaurants, venues and off-site meeting facilities. Special highlights are the City of Dreams Convention Center, the Limassol Marina, the Limassol Old Port Square, the Old City of Limassol and of-course the whole of the seafront of the city!

A short drive of 30 minutes is enough to transfer you from a vibrant and modern urban environment to the serenity of the wine-making villages of Cyprus. There you can experience thousands of years of traditions and culture through interactive workshops, wine-tasting sessions, traditional tavernas and family owned wineries! Most important however is the warmth with which the local residents welcome you in their villages and sometimes in their homes.

In conclusion Limassol is the top MICE destination of Limassol as it features the best accommodation options, the largest conference facilities, the most trendy restaurants and off-site venues as well as the unparalleled magic of the wine-making villages.

Wine-making villages

The wine-making villages is an experience that no visitor to Cyprus should miss. The reason is simple – the wine-making area of Limassol and its surrounding villages offer the most authentic and genuine experience one can get on the island.

It is not just the thousands of years of tradition and culture that dominate the area. It is the way the local residents of these villages welcome international visitors – with a warm smile, an open house and a great story to tell!

Only 30 minutes away from the cities of Limassol and Paphos, the wine-making villages feature the widest range of options. Traditional stone build taverns, serving the traditional Cypriot meze and serving the local wine, will bring warmth to your soul. The cultural heritage, with the Monastery of the Holy Cross in the centre of Omodos village, will captivate the imagination of even the most seasoned traveller. The smaller family owned wineries and the traditional workshops in arts, crafts, cooking, delicacy and wine-making will make set the stage for you to indulge in what travelling is all about – a true and authentic experience! And of-course, the newer, grander venues will ensure that your next conference of Gala Dinner can be hosted in state-of-the-art facilities – overlooking the beautiful wine country of the island.

Temple of Aphrodite

As you may already know, Aphrodite, the ancient goddess of love and beauty, was born in Cyprus (we have a birth certificate to prove it!)

The Temple of Aphrodite is an open air archaeological park, located on a beautiful hill overlooking the dramatic scenery of the Mediterranean open-sea! The temple sets the perfect stage for a beautiful Welcome or Farewell dinner for your next conference or incentive!

The guests will arrive at the park and be welcomed with a glass of champaign. While they enjoy their welcome drink, they will be privately guided through the archaeological park to experience thousands of years of heritage and culture. Just like the thousands of pilgrims travelling to Cyprus in the ancient times to worship the Godess of Beauty, our modern guests will walk around the same mosaics and artifacts, essentially travelling thousand of years back to the Roman period.

With the conclusion of the tour in the open-air archaeological park, this soul captivating experience will continue with a private tour in the on-site museum. Here our visitors will get the chance to get in contact with artifacts of a thousand years old – an experience with true gravitas!

The private museum tour will be followed with a 5-star Gala Dinner along with all the comforts, luxuries and entertainment a proper Gala Dinner should come with. The dinner is set-up within the Temple walls, in a beautifully curated inner yard.

The temple is 30 minutes away from Limassol and Paphos.

Cyprus as a creative studio

Thousands of years of culture, traditions and heritage set the stage in Cyprus. But how do we present them to the international scene? How do keep the balance between the modern and the ancient? Afterall a vast majority of MICE projects are business events with demanding requirements on where and how their more “serious” functions are organised!

In order to address the above, we seek support from the vibrant and creative art community of the island. Through the years we have used the most unconventional venues to provide functions which otherwise would have been organised in a simple hotel room! Museums, local galleries, ateliers and modern-art parks have are ready to host anything – from the most demanding conference to the most captivating gala dinner and good-bye party!

We are proud to work and support the communities that make Cyprus creative. In fact we have our own in-house design and production team, which can design, create and deliver anything you desire. Our range expands from custom made stage design to 4m tall and 14m long installations. With regards to the simpler staff? Yes, give-aways, gifts, conference branding, custom made cakes, tailor made decorations – we got it!