HL Adventure – Iceland & Arctic Region

HL Adventure is a luxury DMC based in Reykjavík, Iceland. With over 20 years experience, we specialise in crafting unique experiences in Iceland and the Arctic region. Iceland is our home, and at home is exactly how we want our clients to feel. Whatever that takes.

HL Adventure pride themselves on daring, the daring that is necessary to turn wild ideas into real adventures. If you can dream it, we can do it. Despite most of our clients being very well-travelled, we excel in the ability to surprise them and always have a trick or two up our sleeve.

As your Iceland and Arctic specialists, we have mastered the balance of luxury and high adventure, taking one step further than anyone else and challenginging the limits of what is possible. From ultimate luxury escapes and a real expedition feeling in some of the most remote corners of the Arctic, HL Adventure have the people, the skills, the know-how and the expertise to make your wildest dreams come true

We are commited to exemplary service at the very highest level, and are also engaged in a number of preservational and conservational endeavours to protect our local environment for future generations.

Professionalism. Adventure. Discretion. Guaranteed.

Website: www.hl.is

Jóhanna Eyjólfsdóttir

What we can do

HL Adventure have been creating unique experiences in Iceland for over 20 years. We love a challenge, and Iceland is such an exquisite playground that it gives us such joy to create unforgettable moments. We provide a complete service of the absolute highest quality, which includes a bespoke, tailor-made experience with transport, private guiding, the finest accommodation in the country, private catering, a wide range of activites, and full support at every step. Our clients expect nothing less than the best, and we deliver nothing short of excellence. It is not only our clients and guests who get our full attention and decication, we are equally as committed and passionate about protecting and preserving our local evironment, with sustainability in mind with everything we do. We understand the importance on protecting today‘s world, so that tomorrow‘s world can be enjoyed by the next generations.

What you can do

Iceland is a real thrill-seeker‘s paradise, as well as being perfect for lighter, family adventures. It is home to the two largest glaciers in Europe, which offer the opportunity to explore them on a glacier walk or go snowmobiling. Everything from ATV tours, to horse riding, snorkeling between the continents, whale watching, super jeep adventures and the enrapturing Aurora Borealis. Hiking, biking, heli-skiing, lava and ice caving are also just some of the many, many pursuits Iceland has to offer all year round. Adventure is guaranteed. HL Adventure always recommends a hand-picked selection of the finest accommodation in the country. From rustic, boutique hideaways, to contemporary, modern retreats and everything in between. We only recommend the best sanctuaries, including beautiful lodges and intimate spaces that ensure private, comfort and style with private catering and spa facilities. We know precisely where you should lay your head.


The gastronomical scene in Iceland has been growing rapidly, and the country now offers some incredible restaurants, offering world-class cuisine and prepared by highly-skilled chefs. Icelandic cuisine keeps one foot proudly in the past, using natural, local ingredients in contemporary, Nordic plates. Icelandic chefs are consistently pushing themselves in new directions and in search of new flavours. HL Adventures has particular expertise in creating the restaurant experiences, privately, and in wild, contrasting locations. From romantic ice cave dinners, to glacier buffets, we know how to create the perfect moment, and a dining experience you will never forget. Best kept as a surprise, the moment our guests lay eyes on their private dining space, created in stunning and contrasting locations, is a huge part of why we enjoy it so much.

Signature Experiences

As well as private, wild dining. HL Adventure has other signature experiences. For example, the beautiful, rustic and idyllic private farmstead of Efra Nes, for weddings, incentive groups and the perfect country party for over 150 guests. We also offer the exceedingly rare opportunity to feel like a real, arctic explorer in our Luxury/Expedition Camp. Private luxury camping for 2-20 people almost anywhere on the island at almost any time. Hand built and constructed for each client, this one-night-only experience is best experienced high up on the glacier during the festive months. Luxury tents for two with hand-built wooden floors, soft and luxurious bedding, fully stocked with champagne, strawberries and everything that goes with it. Full dining tent, waiting staff, wood-fueled sauna, just for you. It‘s a labour of love, and is the winter night to end all winter nights, under the twinkling skies and the pulsing colours of the Aurora.