GoodCause Travel & Events

Experts in designing and operating bespoke, immersive and meaningful travel & events across the UK and Ireland.


GoodCause Travel & Events believe in the transformative power of experiences and create travel and events, which help their customers to escape the mundane and connect to their authentic self and their tribe. This connection happens through engaging and immersive wilderness and cultural experiences.

Their well-travelled customers value authentic, sophisticated, and high-end soft adventures, when they can really get under the skin of the local culture, explore off-the-grid locations and learn something new about the world around them and themselves. Their travel and events are always bespoke and personalized. They believe that listening comes before expertise. They start with getting to know their customers’ passions and lifestyles and then design curated experiences for them, where everything – from landscape and venues to meaningful and authentic encounters with the local communities – feeds into and enriches their customers’ inner world. GoodCause Travel view this process as an artistic and playful co-creation of travel and events.

GoodCause Travel & Events believe in being different and making a difference. Sustainability is a core pillar of the business, alongside creativity and connection. They make sure to look after the environment and local communities of their destinations, as well as their customers and their team, and incorporate giving back elements throughout their travel and events experiences.


Olga Walker


  • Sampling the best organic local wines and gourmet canapes in the well-known wine store in London, hosted by the celebrity owner
  • Experiencing a famous London museum during an exclusive evening experience – including a private curator tour, reception and dinner
  • Becoming part of English music culture during an immersive Depeche Mode themed theatrical photo session
  • Taking time to slow down and connect to your senses, nature and your tribe in a beautiful meditative tea ceremony, followed by other wellness rituals – in a secret woodlands Surrey Hills retreat


  • Whisky tasting and blending experience at a privately owned distillery
  • Gala-dinner at exclusively hired historic castle where Scottish monarchs entertained their guests
  • Modern twist on Scottish pipes and drums
  • The most remote exclusive lodge in Scotland – ideal place to unplug and escape for an off-the-grid adventure


  • Meet and greet with giant Irish wolfhounds
  • Master class in Irish dancing and bodhran playing
  • Apple cider making at a private farm
  • Tolkien inspired tour in the magical Burren


  • Unique white rafting experience in the middle of Cardiff
  • Private event at a fairy tale castle
  • Behind-the-scenes underground adventure at a former coal mine
  • The art of traditional weaving