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ENJOY SLOVAKIA DMC is the leading Bratislava-based Destination Management company that ensures satisfaction to you and your customers. We are a creative local Slovakia specialist whose enthusiastic and professional team seeks solutions tailored to meet the demands of our clients. Our inventive, high-value products, organized with attention to detail, are the keys to our success. We maintain good relations with local quality suppliers and work with excellent hotels and other venues that provide the highest standard of service.

In ENJOY SLOVAKIA DMC you will find a strong and reliable partner committed to upholding the strict standards of the business practice. We present a wide range of opportunities for meetings and incentive groups, centered in two major geographic hubs: the Slovak capital, Bratislava, and the Tatra Mountains. We feature our successful cultural and landscape excursions, adventure products, innovative team-building activities, and themed evenings.

ENJOY SLOVAKIA DMC is Ovation Strategic Partner for Slovakia.  So, please be our guest – and Enjoy Slovakia!

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Marek Farkas

Speedboat Extravaganza

Speed along the Danube to Devin Castle. Transfer by private coach to Bratislava Marina (the pier in the centre can be organised on-request at extra surcharge with some limitations), where you will begin your experience of one of Europe’s mightiest rivers. See all of Bratislava’s bridges, the city’s modern riverside embankment and the Old Town. Journey along the once heavily guarded Slovak-Austrian border until you reach ancient Devin Castle, a site which has been occupied since Roman times and has many fascinating tales to tell. The journey from Bratislava to Devin takes about thirty minutes.

Bratislava Treasure Hunt

The Bratislava Treasure Hunt is an interactive team-building activity using iPads preloaded with a special digital game (in English) that enables participants to navigate their way through the historic Old Town district, and in the process fulfill tasks related to the city and its history. Some tasks require the participants to interact with local people.

The game begins at the hotel with a short PowerPoint introduction, and the players are split into teams. Players will receive bags with light refreshments and team badges. A private coach then transports the players to a designated location from where each team continues on its own, using the iPad to guide it. Tickets allowing players to use public transportation are provided.

The start and finish points of the game are the same for all teams, but each team follows a unique route. The players will explore about 12-14 Bratislava sites, and complete minor tasks at each. Points are awarded for various activities and the team with the highest score wins. The duration of the game is up to two hours.

Wineries in Slovakia

Wine is one of Slovakia’s best kept secrets. The country’s tradition of winemaking goes back centuries. Today, we have six wine regions that spread from Bratislava in the west to famous Tokaj region in the east of Slovakia. At Enjoy Slovakia DMC we love to share our passion for Slovak wines with our guests. We maintain relationships with the best local wine producers, from large modern estates to small boutique wineries in remote corners of the countryside. Wine is a key theme of the MICE experience in Slovakia: from winetasting in medieval vaulted cellars to wine and food pairing in the finest restaurants. A winery can also serve as memorable event venues, whether for Vincentive activities or for a splendid gala dinner. How about visiting us in our team’s location in Pezinok, in a town known as the Slovak capital of wine, where we can arrange a night of open cellars for your guests!

Rafting at Cunovo

If you want an activity that combines adrenaline rush with teambuilding, we recommend rafting on the artificial whitewater slalom course in Cunovo. Located only 25 minutes by coach from downtown Bratislava, the water sports center has hosted numerous World Cup races and international championships. The facility was built in 1996 as part of the Cunovo dam project.

The course is a flow-diversion type, supplied with water from the Danube River, and has two channels, 356 and 460 meters long respectively. The water flow is regulated so that five different rafting routes, with difficulties ranging from WWII to WWIV, can be set.