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We are a full service destination management company (DMC) in Portugal, which means we’ve got you covered from creative conception to flawless execution. You will form a lasting relationship with us, collaboration is central to everything we do.

Our highly motivated team of event professionals is dedicated to providing you with the best possible event solutions in Portugal. We work hard to ensure that every project we are entrusted with becomes a memorable experience, motivating people and driving businesses forward.

MISSION | We’re dedicated to providing high quality destination services and creating motivational concepts and programmes, tailored to your needs and requirements.

PHILOSOPHY | We founded ECMeetings Portugal with the goal of creating meaningful experiences that connect people and places. Our passion and expertise of the destination, coupled with our long lasting relationships in our communities enable us to give you the best possible experience for meetings and incentives in Portugal.

OUR TEAM| Highly motivated, always on track, fast to deliver, detail and logistic crazy, driven by a passion to offer winning and innovative solutions, each and every time. Bottom line is we want you to shine!


Carmo Barba


Famed for its rich port wine and riverside hills, the northerly city of Porto features everything from medieval alleys to the remains of Roman city walls and fortresses. Porto also offers several rather Parisian-style plazas, magnificent churches and a rather enchanting atmosphere

Perched atop hilltops and clinging to the sides of cliffs, Porto’s alluring bridges, buildings and city lanterns have kept watch over the Douro River for centuries. Fiercely proud of their heritage, the citizens of this merchant town have put their blood and sweat into commerce and wine.

Come and discover this amazing city!

Douro Valley

The Douro Valley is one of the most glorious spots on earth, a well-kept secret by the Portuguese for many many years. One of the world’s oldest demarcated wine regions (since 1756), the Douro Valley region showcases steep terrace vineyards carved into mountains, granite bluffs, whitewashed quintas (estates) with breathtaking scenic views and 18th-century wine cellars that open their doors to guests coming from around the world. Its worth for the ports and wines, winding scenic roads, postcard-pretty villages and excellent regional restaurants.

Being world Heritage site by Unesco, Douro offers a unique landscape in the world but also unique experiences, of the houses converted into hotels and the rich and substance gastronomy not forgetting the wine, Port & DOC that, like the region, are unique in the world (wine expert words!)


Mythologists have hypothesized that the archipelagos of the Azores scattered across the Atlantic are the only remnants of the lost continent of Atlantis.

These verdant islands filled with natural wonders and awe-inspiring scenery do seem to be part of a long-lost magical world, rivalling the natural beauty of New Zealand or Scotland, to which they are often compared. The scent of flowers, the sounds of waterfalls and of the ocean where whales and dolphins are regularly seen, the rare variety of vegetation and exotic topography, natural swimming pools carved in rocks, idyllic shaped lagoons, volcanic peaks reaching the clouds, and deep craters of extinguished volcanoes, often lead visitors to conclude they’ve in fact stepped into a fabulous dream world.


Everywhere you go, this region of Portugal will surprise you with its bright colours, from the golden sand beaches, crystal clear waters, immense blue skies, the vivid green grass, to the white-washed walls of the buildings in the Algarve’s old towns.

The Algarve is a veritable paradise for all kinds of events. This region known by its beaches of fine white sand located all along its extensive coastline and its calm sea with milled waters temperatures offer a reason for a visit all year around. To complement the breath-taking landscapes don’t forget its culinary, a pleasure for anyone visiting the region. From the beautiful beaches to the cultural cities to the curving coastline, there’s no end of Algarve attractions to keep you entertained.