Destination Asia – Laos

This charming country really does have an infectiously relaxed, laid back atmosphere, even in the charming old royal capital of Luang Prabang, and in our opinion it’s an undiscovered gem. Perfectly suited to multi country itineraries as it shares five international borders, Laos also has the vast Mekong River running through; a river so wide that, when you stroll along Vientiane’s delightful riverside boulevard, you may think you’re by the sea. This boulevard also offers great places to eat and drink and, because it was a French colony for over one hundred years, some of the cooking here is as good as one could get in Paris.

Tourism has become one of Laos most important industries in recent years, driving the development of related hospitality and travel businesses. One result has been the increase in flights to and from the two major ports of Vientiane and Luang Prabang to neighboring Indochina. National carriers departing Thailand and Burma have put Laos on their radar while the number of overland entry points are also on the rise. New Friendship bridges with Thailand are being developed and existing border crossings with China, Vietnam and Burma are seeing upgrades to make passage easier.


Somsak Paseuthsai

Somsak Paseuthsai (Sak)


Visitors will be surprised at the wealth of opportunities including gourmet colonial restaurants; sunset cruises down the Mekong River and glorious hotels in the UNESCO World Heritage City of Luang Prabang. The northernmost provinces boast spectacular scenery including hidden caves and soaring mountains.

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Laos is an exquisite, less frequented country offering a blissfully relaxed pace of life amidst colonial charm and rugged terrain. It is perfectly suited to multi-country itineraries as it shares five international borders. Laos also has the mighty Mekong River running through it from north to south.


Destination Asia Laos is continually sourcing, creating and delivering new products and services to capture the imagination of the most intrepid and seasoned travelers – while combining the security many first timers look for. Our resourceful team delivers the most enlightening experiences available in this beautiful country.

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Whether it’s a homestay, luxurious dinner, riding an elephant, bike ride, spa treatment or dolphin watching on a cruise, a visit to Laos is for many the highlight of their journey in Asia. The country is dotted with dense forests, quaint villages and an established ecotourism infrastructure.

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