Destination Asia – Japan

The characters that make up Japan’s name mean ‘sun-origin’, which is why it is referred to as the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’. A journey here will never fail to fascinate and travelers can look forward to a trip of endless discovery.

Japan is a destination offering year-around experiences from hiking on Mount Fuji to Cherry Blossom tours that reveal the country’s flamboyant spring awakening. It has everything to keep both seasoned travelers and first time visitors in absolute awe. It is a land where any journey is guaranteed to fascinate on multiple levels, from salivating gastronomic experiences to heritage trails through towering castles and enlightening experiences in spiritual gardens. At Destination Asia we are pushing creativity in product design to new limits – where others go forward to the next known city, we think sideways to reveal lesser known regions and a selection of new and exclusive product.

As a pioneering link between the Western World and Asia, Japan serves as a gateway to international trade and tourism, with direct flights to every major global destination. The ‘Land of the Rising Sun’ is a destination like no other; offering heritage and history one day and hi-tech modern city living the next.


Peter Cools


Japan is a country where modernity connects with ancient history, where kimono-clad geisha hurry between traditional houses and robots greet guests arriving at a meeting. Japan has a distinctive, original identity and is instantly lovable.

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In the space of a few days you can take in the breathtaking, iconic scenery of mount Fuji alongside the forward-looking city of Tokyo – before engaging in centuries-old festivals and rituals that celebrate a cherished culture.


Whatever your travel requirements are in Japan, we can provide a cutting-edge service to suit every possible interest. No one knows Japan like we do, our staff have an in depth knowledge and desire to always provide the best possible services.

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Our selection of experiences is wide reaching, including a diverse range of themes to suit travelers of all ages. We explore and uncover a selection of eclectic experiences across this enigmatic country, sharing in the simplicity and beauty of Japanese life.

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