Destination Asia – Indonesia

With more than 17,500 islands stretching the same distance as New York to San Francisco, Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelago; and with a population that will soon exceed the USA, it’s also by far the largest country in Southeast Asia. Its sheer size presents a wide range of differing regions with a very diverse and unique flora and fauna – and sublime geography from the popular paradise of Bali to the spectacular floral isle of Sulawesi and rugged grandeur of Sumatra.

Outside the highly urbanized cities, conservation is taken seriously and many rare and endangered species find a home in these areas. Visitors to the country’s giant national parks and reserves will be enthralled by the sight of tigers, elephants, komodo dragons and countless amazing plants, all in their natural habitats.

Those yearning for a culinary encounter will be dazzled by the array of distinctive rice and noodle dishes, curries, soups, grills and superbly sweet fruit. Beach lovers are enamoured by the almost endless choice of beaches that go far beyond just Bali, along with Indonesia’s truly magnificent world class dive sites.


Yasa Sediya


With over 17,500 magnificent islands and islets to its name, exploring Indonesia is an endless yet continually fruitful experience that never grows tiring. A land of active volcanoes, dense jungles and supreme beaches, this nature rich country never fails to excite.

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Indonesia is well connected internally by local flights with a number of cruise services supporting travel between neighboring islands. While away the days on a super yacht cutting through the open seas around Bali and Lombok before flying north to uncover the cultural wonders of Sulawesi.


Our resourceful team continues to show their creative abilities and commitment to the region. Looking beyond the magnetic draw of Bali, we offer a cross section of tours encompassing an array of themes to uncover the country’s awe inspiring landscapes.

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A unique geography, spectacularly diverse flora and fauna, intriguing history and exciting culture provide a wealth of experiences never forgotten. Temples, monuments burial grounds and traces of lost civilizations present themselves across the country in a series of pristine natural habitats.

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