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„Buna ziua si bine ati venit in Romania!“

Those are Romanian words for: “Hello, and welcome to Romania!”


The history of modern Romania begins around 1800, with the reunification of Greater Romania, but legends of mysterious Dracula Vampire have been circulating for over 1000 years. Evidence of Romanian territory being inhabited dates back 40,000 years. Due to its varied landscape, Romania is the most biogeographically diverse country in the European Union. Romania has a mix of unique history, spectacular nature, charming medieval cities, castles and surprising architecture.

Centrally situated, at only 3.5-4 hours flight from most European capitals, with her friendly people, with snow-capped mountains, green hills covered in forests and vineyards, sandy Black Sea beaches and Europe’s largest and best preserve Danube Delta, Romania has something for everyone.

With more than 20 years of experience & expertise in meetings planning and management, incentive travels, product launches, tailors made events, marketing and logistics throughout Romania, Our Team have a Passion for delivering authentic, memorable, off-the-beaten-track cultural & incentive experiences. Whether you planning an event for 30 or 3,000 people, we manage every logistical detail, freeing clients to focus on their customers, guests and program.

In addition to our expertise, we can guide the exploration of all amazing Romania, from eco-tours of its famed regions like Transylvania with medieval cities – Sibiu, Sighisoara, Brasov, to the unique UNESCO Moldavian Monasteries, culture of Bucovina County.

Employing focus, flexibility, creativity, and integrity, this team takes great pride in being easy and fun to work with. Just consider Romania as a potential destination for your next event and we are here for you! You’ll have the Best Romanian Adventure Events tea, standing for you!


Petrut Patrascoiu


Bucharest is situated between the Carpathians Mountains and the Danube River and in 2024, we celebrated 565 years since its birth. Since the beginning, the city underwent continuous transformations, even some painful ones, during the communist time. But today, it is the most important artistic and cultural centre. The capital of Romania is a vibrant, sunny city, full of life.

There are a few places no one should miss:

The Ceausescu’s Parliament Palace is the 2nd building in the World, after Pentagon and is one of the most interesting and controversial buildings that you should visit in Bucharest!

This grand edifice is characterized by the special architectural mixture that brings together the Brancoveanu style and the influences of the Renaissance, Germanic and Baroque styles and it has 1000 rooms!

Romanian Atheneum

Temple of Romanian art and culture, the Romanian Athenaeum remains, after 120 years, not only a building of universal heritage, but also a symbol of a people’s spiritual tradition.

To perform on the podium of the Romanian Athenaeum in Bucharest is equivalent in the lyrical art to appearing on the stage of the “Scala di Milano”.

The Old City Centre reminds the wanderer why Bucharest, in its pre-World War II glory days, was called Little Paris. The area has narrow cobbled streets, the ruins of an old Court (of Vlad the Impaler), old houses, antique boutiques, fancy restaurants and newly opened clubs, is the perfect place for nightlife. Let’s party!

The Village Museum – It is an openair museum which recreates the life of Romania’s countryside.

The old traditional houses, the mills and the wooden church were brought from different parts of the country and reassembled.

TransFagarasan Alpine Road

Transfagarasan Alpine Road is also called” Road to the Clouds”, “the Best Driving Road in the World” and even “A spectacular Monument to Earth-Moving Megalomania”. The TransFagarasan, which is crossing the highest mountains from Romania, Fagaras, climbs, twists and descends right through Moldoveanu (2.544 m) and Negoiu (2.535 m) – the highest peaks in those mountains.This is no pass through a gap but a frontal assault, a stark and spectacular reminder of unchecked power stamping itself on an obstreperous landscape.

Transfagarasan Alpine Road measure 15 km and it was completed in 1974, after 4 years of hard constructions.

The Capra-Balea Lake tunnel, 887 m long, is the mountain road tunnel that reaches a maximum altitude of 2.042 m.

Due to the fact that the road is closed approximately 6 months a year, due to heavy snows, the opening of the road at the beginning of summer can be a real Red-Blue show.

Here, during summer season, main automotive companies and motorcycle manufacturers are testing, presenting & promoting their products (Bentley, Lamborghini, Mazda, Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, KTM, BMW).

What are YOU waiting for??!!

Top 10 Castles & Palaces

  1. Ceausescu’s Parliament Palace: 2nd big building in the world, is the biggest conference venue in Romania. It has 10 large and fabulous conference rooms, the largest of which can host up to 1200 persons, theatre set-up.
  2. Bran Dracula’s Castle: Is a Gothic fairy-tale structure, inspiration for Bram Stoker’s Dracula, where Dracula’s themed parties come closer to reality. Ideal for 80 quests event.
  3. Cantacuzino Castle: Built in 1911 in neo-Romanian style, is venue for a lot of events big events, host of one of the best gourmet restaurants. Here, you can also go back to school @ “Nevermore Academy”! … but only on Wednesday! 😊 …because the movie was shot here…
  4. Bethlen-Haller Castle: Situated in the middle of the famous Jidvei Vineyard, it seems to watch over the entire horizon, and is a great venue for events up to 50 persons inside, bigger groups outside, with accommodation facilities in 27 double rooms. White wine & local “champagne” tasting is a must!
  5. Corvinilor Castle: Impressive with its presence, dominating the city, the 400 years old castle is a unique monument which can host different events up to 200 persons. Brand new 4* hotels are available on walking distance.
  6. The Palace of Culture: Is a happy combination of several architectural styles: neo-gothic, romantic and, with his 6 big rooms and 4 hallway’s is the perfect venue for glamorous events, up to 2000 guests.
  7. The Brancovenesc-Mogoșoaia Palace: Built in Romanian Renaissance (Brancovenesc) style at the beginning of the 1700’s, combines Venetian and Ottoman elements. It is an ideal venue for garden parties and casual events, up to 1000 persons, on outskirts of Bucharest.
  8. Bragadiru Palace: For more than 100 years, in the center of Bucharest, there has been a single private palace enveloped in the nostalgia of aristocratic parties. The entire palace benefits from an area of ​​over 16,000 square meters, with a spectacular ballroom and impressive garden, which can host events from 100 to 700 people.
  9. National Military Circle Palace: Centrally located in Bucharest, is a highly appreciated venue for special events. His Marble Hall, with its majestic hallway entrance, can accommodate up to 150 guests.
  10. Ghica-Tei Palace: The wonderful natural setting between two lakes was led to construction of a remarkable architectural ensemble, the princely residence Ghica, in 1822. On the façade facing the lake, the palace has a wide terrace with steps leading down to the garden, overlooking the lake. The venue can host events from 60 to 500 persons.

Self-driving Adventures

We could say that Romania represent one of the few areas where you can still practice off-road through virgin nature. Of course, we need to show some respect to local & administrative rules but, if you take care of the nature and the local people work, it can be done. Here, behind the wheel of a Jeep Wrangler super equipped for off-road roads, you can feel the adrenaline at its maximum level. It almost doesn’t matter that there is no road where we want to go.

Our unique fleet of 4×4 cars, under the coordination of our instructors, with vast experience, can take you both to the tops of the mountains and can also fight with the biggest mud. And don’t forget, surprises can appear anywhere along the road – but it’s important to have the right tires to reach your destination.

Only if you are brave enough you can succeed!