Talas Travel – Albania & Serbia

What if we told you the most authentic destinations in Europe are still unexplored by most? We will take you off the beaten path in a secret world of cultural diversity filled with hidden gems that will take your breath away and make you ask yourself how come you hadn’t traveled there before. Explore the Balkans. Discover Serbia and Albania – rising destinations where you will have one of the most surprising and exciting trips in your life. Let us guide you through their rich past, breathtaking landscapes, world-class gastronomy and out-of-this-world hospitality.

Talas Travel DMC was founded by an award-winning, international team of specialists in designing authentic travel experiences. Whether you are looking for V.I.P. experiences, amazing incentives, deep cultural tours or jaw-dropping events, we understand that every client is unique and work very carefully to meet all of their needs with top-notch service. With thousands of satisfied clients worldwide, we believe our biggest success is that we made many people fall in love with our destinations!

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Thiago Ferreira

Yugoslav old-timer experience in Belgrad

Discover the heritage from former Yugoslavia in authentic, rare Yugoslav vehicles – the Yugo, Yugo Cabrio, the Zastava 101 and the Ficha! Ride through the streets of Belgrade and visit the most remarkable buildings from Yugoslav times feeling like a local in the 80’s. Some of the vehicles are up to 40+ years old but none of them look their age and you’ll get nice looks wherever you pass!

Gala dinner at the Royal Palace in Belgrade

The White Palace is a former royal residence of the Karađorđević dynasty. The palace is located in the Royal Compound, in the Dedinje neighborhood of Belgrade. It was designed by architect Aleksandar Đorđević, in a neo-Palladian manner inspired by the 18th century English houses such as Ditchley Park. Its interior was decorated with English Georgian and 19th century Russian antiques by the French design firm Maison Jansen, which later decorated the White House during the administration of John F. Kennedy. This is the perfect venue to make your guests feel special!

Jeep self-driving experience along the coast of Albania

The coast of Albania is one of the most beautiful in Europe and is yet unexplored. Take the wheels of a 4×4 jeep and go on a scenic drive filled with „wow“ moments! On our way from Vlora to saranda we drive through the Llogara National Park and the famous Llogara Pass – a spectacular winding road which reaches 1017 meters above sea level and overlooks the Ionian coast of the gorgeous Albanian Riviera. At the top of the Llogara pass, a large panorama point – 1000 m above sea level offers a breathtaking view of the Ionian Sea, with a steep slope lunging down to the water’s edge. There we can organize a suprise snack break!

Albanian dinner at Lekursi Castle

The castle of Lëkurës was built in 1537 by Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent who had attacked Corfu and needed to control the harbor of Saranda and the road that connected it with Butrint. Today, the castle features a restaurant with a breathtaking view to the sea and to the city of Saranda. It its a very special venue for an outdoor dinner with live Albanian folk entertainment.