Métier UK DMC – United Kingdom

Métier UK DMC are a London-based DMC operating throughout London, England, Scotland and Wales. Established in 1996, our experience in the MICE industry is comprehensive and our dedicated team of experienced co-ordinators bring creativity, enthusiasm and detail to every tailored programme we deliver.

We are proud to represent our diverse island; a country full of heritage, tradition, beauty and culture. An island packed with historic monuments, royal palaces and some of the world’s top museums. A place where you can visit the house where Shakespeare was born, climb cathedral spires or uncover the Tower of London’s dark history… See sparkling Scottish lochs, relax in historic gardens or bask on the beaches of the South Coast… A destination were you can experience the world’s biggest festival of the arts in Edinburgh, the romance of Jane Austen’s Bath or take a pilgrimage to the home of The Beatles. Secret coves, haunted castles, quaint country gardens, looming mountain peaks and bustling cities at the cutting edge of fashion and music – we have it all!

Having been a client of DMC’s ourselves in the past we know what it takes to make a true partnership work. We understand your pressures, tight deadlines and the need for creativity and flexibility. Our highly-professional, customer-focused, ‘can-do’ attitude is our DNA. Finding and delivering what best suits your needs and brief is our forte.

Website: www.metier-ukdmc.com

Claire Winter


    a city that never tires. With a history spanning two millennia yet one that stays forever young and energetic. Our capital is home to great art collections, architectural icons and a rich Royal heritage, but it also boasts underground design and musical innovation. Our variety of shopping is second to none, our cuisine covers not only our own traditional dishes but also those from around the world and our nightlife and entertainment is renown.


      is full of legend and romance. Its ruined castles standing in fields of heather and bracken speak of a past heroic struggle. Its two great cities – the ancient seat of royalty, Edinburgh is an elegant mix of sweeping Georgian crescents and steepled medieval tenements guarded by its brooding castle, whereas dynamic Glasgow’s thriving music and arts scene reflects the famously outgoing nature of its citizens.

      Dip your toe in a deep cold loch or climb the looming granite peaks standing sentinel above them in the untamed glens of the Highlands. Watch majestic sea eagles soaring high above the remote Hebridean Islands or dolphins and otters frolicking in the Moray Firth where small fishing villages huddle under steep cliffs.


        eccentric, extraordinary and compact, each county has its own unique character. Our green and pleasant land offers a journey through time from the ancient megaliths of Stonehenge to the space age domes of the Eden Project in Cornwall. The revitalised industrial cities of Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds and Newcastle offer a modern vibe yet revel in their heritage.

        The bracing moors and dales of Yorkshire, the birthplace of Shakespeare – Stratford upon Avon, picture postcard Cotswold villages, the undulating hills and dreaming spires of Oxfordshire, to Kent, the Garden of England – our Island will enthral all those who visit.


          a land of dramatic national parks, plunging, unspoiled coastlines, and awe-inspiring medieval castles. Its ancient history and deep-rooted Celtic culture make Wales similar in many ways to its more famous neighbours, Scotland and Ireland; and yet it doesn’t attract the same hordes of visitors, which is a big part of the appeal.

          Wales offers an array of activities – from wilderness, survival days to white water rafting to the first 4-person and Europe’s longest zip wire – this little kingdom has a lot to offer.