Mazurkas DMC – Poland

Mazurkas DMC Poland is the leading destination management company in Poland with over 27 years‘ experience in all of Poland’s major cities. We specialize in designing and implementing creative programs for incentives, conferences, congresses, product launches and events. We are a young, creative and experienced team, who seek perfection, love our destination and want to share its passion with you!

We offer concept making, consulting, group arrangements, venue finding, accommodation, transportation services, banqueting etc. Through our creativity, professionalism and attention to detail, our overriding goal has constantly been to build a strong relationship with our clients, to understand, to meet and to exceed their expectations.

Mazurkas DMC Poland covers the entire country from our two offices in Warsaw and Krakow.

We are a recommended partner of  Poland Convention Bureau, Warsaw Convention Bureau, Krakow Convention Bureau and Gdansk Convention Bureau.



Margaret Hulewicz

Underground Experience

Visit  Wieliczka Salt Mine near Krakow- one of the hidden underground treasures of Krakow and a unique must see attraction, which was inscribed onto the UNESCO list in 1978. Experience the truly magical atmosphere of the salt mine, where even the chandeliers are carved from rock salt that has been dissolved and reconstituted to give a clear, glass-like appearance. This is a truly unique venue to hold an important event, gala dinner or a teambuilding activity. It is not only a journey deep into the ground, but it is a places that opens up new horizons. If you want to be original, create your event in the mine’s extraordinary interiors. Spacious area for conferences, amazing place for the gala dinners and unforgettable experience for those, who are looking the adventure as well!

Behind the Scenes

Visiting the National Theatre Opera House in Warsaw will be a great choice for both – art lovers and those interested in technical stuff, since in the building you can admire the largest stage in Europe. During the an instructive trip, learn about vast backstage possibilities: see numerous trapdoors, storerooms, gantry crane, huge service lifts and much more. Or try a unique combination of culture and teambuilding. Our guests can be invited to take part in a surprising experiment – to set up one big orchestra from individuals, who have never met before or played on any of the instruments and after 30 minutes become like professionals playing altogether. The venue itself may be a great option for the official gala dinner with many amazing highlights in the evening program.

„The Charm“ of Communism

Discover fascinating journey back in time to the most infamous years of the Polish history and how Polish people lived during that time in Warsaw. During our interactive city game you will have a chance to see the city from the roof of the Palace of Culture and Science – the symbolic building from communism times, ride an old style van, try typical Polish vodka refreshment, learn how to make typical Polish meal and try some Polish old dance. You will see the unknown nooks and corners of the pre-war Warsaw, relicts from the times of the People’s Republic of Poland (PRL) and the local atmosphere of the Praga district. Informal, active, funny way of discovering Warsaw starting from communism times till now!

The Treasures of Baltic Sea

Explore Tri-City and fall in love in Baltic Sea! Three cities – Gdansk, Gdynia, Sopot, each with a different story and character, form one flourishing metropolitan area known as the Tri – City. It is also called as the amber capital, while amber is “The Baltic Gold of the North”. Gdansk has proudly cultivated the tradition of amber craft for ages. Today, Gdansk maintain its excellent reputation as the best source for Amber crafts worldwide. Discover the Baltic treasure during our active city game where the amber is hidden. In the warm months you can as well enjoy sailing on yachts but as well organize dinner or themes events on pirates ships or three-mast sailing ship.