Destination Mexico – Mexico

Destination Mexico was founded in March 1988 to meet the need for a genuine full-service DMC in Mexico with a presence throughout the country.

Since our humble beginnings in March 1988, Destination Mexico has grown to be one of the most respected and prestigious DMCs both in Mexico and around the world. Through our now 6 offices we strive to maintain the excellent reputation we have for honesty, integrity, professionalism and seriousness in all we do.

Destination Mexico never rests. We are always looking for a new venue, new experience, new opportunity to enhance the considerable portfolio of ideas we have already throughout this destination. Our goal is simple: to always be one step ahead and to consistently exceed all our client’s expectations. In all our years of operation we strongly believe we have achieved this goal, as our ever-growing list of testimonials proves.

In Destination Mexico you have a partner you can trust. So many top-class clients from all over the world cannot all be wrong; we have proved time and time again that our level of service is hard to beat anywhere and the care and attention we give to you is the same if your group is 10 persons or 1,000.

Allow us the opportunity to work alongside you and to show you that Destination Mexico is your best option in Mexico.



Mexico City

Mexico City is a city of absolute contrasts. It is the oldest established city on the North American Continent; the Aztecs had been there almost 200 years the before the Spanish Conqueror Cortes arrived. It is also the highest metropolis at over seven thousand feet above sea level and is now the most populous city in the Americas with approximately 25 million people living in the metropolitan area. Yet the modern capital has retained much of the old Aztec heritage, as well as adopting a very strong Spanish influence following their conquest. And this is what gives the city its unique atmosphere, which even today still captivates the visitor.


Cancun is situated off the northeast tip of the Yucatan Peninsula, 30 miles north of Cozumel, and 200 miles east of Merida. Technically, the hotel zone of Cancun is an island, but the locals always refer to it as the “Zona Hotelera (hotel zone)”. It is separated from the mainland at each end by channels less than 100 yards across connecting the beautiful Nichupte Lagoon with the sparkling Caribbean.

Geographically, Cancun is shaped like the letter “D” with a lagoon inside and the Caribbean Sea on the outside of the “D” curve. There are numerous water activities one can enjoy in this resort which include wave-runners and jet skiing, water skiing, scuba diving, deep sea fishing, parasailing and snorkeling tours. Just 40 minutes south of Cancun one can go horseback riding along the sandy white beaches or adventure through the jungle.

Riviera Maya

The Riviera Maya creates a paradise for those seeking the infinite beauty of the Caribbean Sea without the fast pace of Cancun. A quiet, romantic getaway; tours of ancient Mayan ruins; a ferry ride to Cozumel; or explorations through national parks, the Riviera Maya offers you an opportunity to gain an appreciation of nature and history. Just south of Cancun, and an hour drive from the airport, the Riviera Maya offers a “laid-back” vacation experience.

The Riviera Maya is preferred by travelers who are looking for a more authentic Mexican experience. Resort developers use architectural styles that are in keeping with the area’s cultural heritage. Quaint and charming towns like Playa del Carmen are a pleasure to explore. You can make day trips to experience the pyramids, Caribbean diving, fishing, snorkeling, Cave diving or visit the amazingly well done nature parks where you can do everything from snorkel in an underground river to swim with dolphins. The beaches are not crowded and the water is warm, clear and blue. You’ll love finding a cozy little beach bar where you can order a cold beer, chit-chat with the friendly locals, and take in the warm tropical atmosphere around you.

Los Cabos

Baja California, the world’s longest and most majestic peninsula stretches towards the South. It is a magical stretch of land where nature abounds in all its splendor; a peninsula full of history and stories where legend and traditions subtly merge with the vigorous present. The plains and mountains are home to hundreds of different types of cacti that lift their heads towards the blue sky thirsty for a glimpse of the sea. The cactus is undoubtedly the proud king of the flora in this area, contrasting sharply with the abundant water and verdure of the oases.

Each year, from December to March, the impressive giant gray whales reproduce beneath the tranquil and rich waters of these coasts after traveling thousands of kilometers to find the ideal mating ground.

Most of the over two million tourists who visit Baja California Sur each year spend their first time in the Los Cabos (The Capes) region. The wondrous sweeping coast from the old Mexican town of San José del Cabo, to the once small and sleepy fishing village of Cabo San Lucas at the tip of the Baja Peninsula, comprises the breathtaking resort area called Los Cabos. Here the crystal clear azure waters of the Sea of Cortez gently lap on brilliant white sandy beaches.