MepTur DMC – Turkey

MEP Destination Business Solutions is the independent profit center branch of Meptur Tourism Agency, specialized in incentives, meetings and conferences. Today MEP continues its leader position in the market, having been bestowed some of the industry’s most prominent accolades over the years such as several M&IT Awards for Best Overseas Destination Management Company. MEP’s client profile consists of many of the premier brands in a variety of industries. In 2013 MEP re-defined itself as a Destination Business Solutions Company acknowledging the changing needs of its clients and to better reflect its wide range of services.

Vision Statement “MEP’s vision is to establish reliable and long-lasting partnerships by offering solutions that work, enthusiastic creativity and financial transparency, while creating value and always exceeding expectations.”​

Our objectives: – Offering highest possible return on our clients investments – A promise to honor the hard work of each incentive attendee – Sincere and caring management of our global footprints – To hear our clients say: ‘Yes, I will refer you to a friend!’​

Our differentiators: – 24-hour consultancy before, during and after events – Expert crisis management at times of need – Proactive and honest dialogues – Never lowering our quality of service regardless of the circumstances – Always making time for creativity


Eda Özden-Gunyuz


Byzantium, Constantinople, Konstantinniye and now Istanbul. A capital of three empires, split over two continents, Istanbul has re-defined the words ‘melting pot’ for millenia. Not an ancient city that is sum of its monuments – and there truly is an endless array – Istanbulites are a vibrant & inclusive community of people with an infectious love of life & generosity of spirit. Istanbul is a city that is truly an assault on all senses.


As if plucked from a whimsical fairytale, Cappadocia is a land of otherworldly beauty. Shaped by the winds & rains over millenia, it’s rock structures dubbed ‘fairy chimneys’, honeycomb like villages – both underground & overground – are a geolotical oddity that have been home to diverse cultures for millenia. From sunrise balloon rides to exotic arts & crafts to tasting of some of the worlds oldest cultivated wines, Cappadocia is a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Turquoise Coast & Bodrum

From Ceasar to Cleopatra, Great Alexander to many others – Bodrum and the Turquoise Coast have been the envy of civilizations. More than any other Turkish summer town, Bodrum has an exotic elegance that pervades it. From ancient cities to glittering marinas and to its ultra luxurious hotels, Bodrum is fast becoming Mediterraean’s best kept secret.

Mediterranean Coast & Antalya

A pristine coast line with over 300 days of sunshine each year, Antalya and its towns of Belek, Kemer, Side and many more, has established itself as a premier travel destination. Especially ideal for MICE are its large conference facilities, world-class golf fields and great international flight connections. But don’t think it’s all all-inclusive, from the Church of Santa Claus to sunken antiquities of Kekova – Antalya has many more surprises to reveal.