Dreams are accessible. So is reality!

India is a complex destination. And the challenge involved in putting together an Incentive program makes it all the more rewarding. For your customer, you, the invitees and obviously us!

To understand this, you must imagine yourself seated inside an Indian cinema Hall. The curtains rise and Voila. You have a block buster unfolding that will put you in a trance! You’re eyes are fixated, your jaw has dropped and you can barely say “Crazy” ! Thats what India will do to you.

Real life in India is like REEL life. A billion actors, supported by mythology, monuments, tradition, rituals, fairs, festivals, sights and sounds, holy cows, decorated elephants, from crumbly old Palaces, art deco Hotels. All in your face and at once.

I can’t think of another authentic destination. Can you?

Whether you’re rewarding your employees, partners, or your best customers, for their loyalty or competence, then India must be where you must have your next thanksgiving. And Incent will ensure, that it’s a reward of a lifetime like none other, from concept to reality.

Come experience India, with Incent.

Website: www.incentindia.com

PN Nageshwaran


“Goa is a paradise that is accessible to one and all, in true Indian style: age, shape, colour, size, planet,” Dipti Datta. Owner of AXIRWAAD, DJ Bar and restaurant!

The Hippies were the last expatriates to visit Goa and unlike their Portuguese predecessors, who were tempted by its farms that lay inland and its produce, these pilgrims of PEACE & LOVE couldn’t resist its…


This is the India of your dreams! Of turbans and tigers, crumbly forts in the desert and white marble palaces in the middle of a lake, whose charms even the seasoned James Bond found irresistible!

Yes. This is Rajasthan, where Princes and Maharajas still command the respect of their former subjects, play horse polo, drive around town in an Aston Martin, and whose hospitality and generosity are legendary.

Sri Lanka

If you’re done with palaces and maharajas this should be your next logical destination on the Indian subcontinent, for Sri Lanka offers so much in so little. And…

If risk assessment is a pre-requisite to choosing an incentive destination, then, today, Sri Lanka will pass the muster without a problem. As long as you avoid sporting Buddha tattoos!

Lonely Planet’s description of this island nation says it all.


Spices lured the Portuguese to Kerala in 1498.

Four hundred and eighty-five years later a rice barge was modernised and it has become an unmissable experience for the thousands of visitors who flock to this narrow strip of land in South West India.

Think of yourself as the modern day Marco Polo and like him…